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Little House in the Country Child Care, LLC.

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Ellington, CT 06029

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A message from our family to yours:

August 2022

With all of the options available to you for child care and preschool, we would like to share with you some reasons why we believe that our program can offer your child a strong foundation for a lifetime of 

love for life and learning.

Your child’s teachers:

The staff and management team here at Little House exhibit a level of dedication to our program and to your children that is inspiring and unsurpassed. They are supportive of each other and consider themselves 

blessed to be called to the early childhood field.

We understand that it can be difficult to leave your child. For this reason, we strive for consistency in staffing           throughout each day. We want to make the transition into our program as smooth as possible  

              for you and for your child.

All of our supervisors and many of our classroom teachers have been employed with Little House for several years. Our full-time teachers are certified in the online Waldorf Teacher Training Early Childhood Education II program from the Sophia Institute located in East Olympia, Washington.

• Curriculum

All of our classrooms work cooperatively under the supervision of our curriculum coordinator to develop the weekly lesson plans that are posted in every classroom. Each of our teachers contributes their own creativity and experience in the field to their lesson plans, which are based off of our center-wide monthly themes, and incorporate the CT Early Learning Development Standards (ELDS).

Christian Program

        Our staff is dedicated to sharing our Christian values as a foundation of all we do with your children.  

In this way, we help your child to develop the lifelong personal qualities necessary to live a successful life filled with joy and love.

As a Waldorf inspired program, it is our objective to nurture your child’s growth in mindfulness and a sense of gratitude. Prayers before snack and meal times emphasize an appreciation for God’s abundant blessings; while the weekly “Worship Wednesday” morning celebration is a time of joyful praise!

Through our daily Bible stories and songs, the weekly Bible verse, daily prayer and community service            projects, we strive to fulfill our mission statement of helping your child find God’s unique purpose       

            for his or her life.

Outdoor spaces

  In His great wisdom, our Creator has entrusted each of us with stewardship of this incredible planet. 

 We believe that it is vital for our children to understand that we, as human beings, are connected to and 

dependent on the natural world that we inhabit.

            Our playgrounds and gardens are designed to foster a deep connection to the natural world.                   Little House offers four outdoor playgrounds, featuring age-appropriate shaded play equipment,  

               paved areas to accommodate ride-on toys, as well as trees and grassy areas. 

     Additionally, our 3,000 square foot greenhouse playgrounds offer extended gross motor play

         and fresh air for all ages, even during inclement weather.

  • Academic Enrichments
Throughout our program, our teachers incorporate songs and story books, using puppets and sign language as an integral part of every child’s daily activities.

Outside time is also an important part of our daily routine. Our infants have their very own, developmentally appropriate playground. We also utilize our quad stroller to take our babies out for walks along the path around the property as we talk and sing with them, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

The open-concept classrooms of our toddlers’ and twos’ area are designed to encourage communication and cooperation between teachers, and to allow the children the opportunity to explore new environments 

in the adjoining classroom.

Kindergarten readiness is a priority for our preschool students. Self-help skills, personal responsibility, conflict resolution and problem solving are as necessary as academic preparedness.

During circle times and throughout the day, personal responsibility is discussed and reinforced through our weekly Bible stories and Biblical concepts, as well as reviewing and discussing the Ten Commandments that are posted in our classrooms.

                                    Preschool academics are practiced during morning centers,                                                                       including letter recognition and formation, phonics and word recognition,

 math (counting, one to one correspondence, patterns and sequencing and even beginning stages

 of addition and subtraction) and science concepts, as well as art and imaginative play.

Staying Connected:

                 With our Class Dojo app, you can stay connected with your child throughout the day                             through photos, videos and messages from the teachers.

  Little House also has an open door policy; you and your family members who are authorized for “pick-up" are welcome to stop in at any time during the day and observe 

through classroom viewing windows in every area of the facility.

Locally owned

Little House in the Country began as a home daycare program, Lindsey’s Playhouse, out of the owner’s home in 1994. In 2005, Little House opened at the original location at 89 West Rd. here in Ellington; expanding from a licensed capacity at home of six children to a daycare center with a licensed capacity of seventy-two children. Within two years, our program had outgrown the capacity of our space in the plaza on West Rd. In 2010, we purchased the building on Nutmeg Dr., which had previously been a garden market. We expanded our capacity to accommodate up to ninety-eight children.

The owner, Janet Settle, is a long-time resident of Ellington, raising four children through the Ellington public school system. Janet has been involved and continues to volunteer in the community through the schools, her church, and Ellington sports programs.

Our discounted offers

Because we understand the challenges of parenthood, and the excessive expenses involved in raising children and paying for child care, Little House offers several opportunities for families to receive discounts off of our regular tuition costs. Please see our website or management for details.

All of us at Little House would like to thank you for entrusting us with your child, and invite you to share any comments, concerns or questions with our teachers or management.

We do not have a mailbox

Please send any correspondence to our mailing address,

or email us at [email protected]

Important Updates

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Storm cancellations/closings/delays/early releases will be announced on channels 3, 30 and 8. You can also log on to to register to receive an automatic text or email messages.